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E.K. Waller

Exhibition Statement

E.K. Waller presents her new exhibition, Displacement / Dreamscape. This series of photographs entertains the notion of a visual fusion of places. The images are fantastical ruminations, dreamlike and suggestive. Composed and photographed in one exposure in camera, they are a relaxed representation of a visual world from a dreamscape of the imagination. Free from strict interpretation and exact replication, the photos become abstract realities without being absolute. This blending of different planes creates a place for discovery. It is a space for the viewer to wander through and separate aspects of the imagery, while allowing the re-emergence as one entity. They are a dreamscape of abstraction.

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About E.K. Waller

E.K. Waller was attracted to photography at an early age (a Brownie was her first camera). She had the opportunity to study photography with Professor Harold Baldwin and painting with Professor David LeDoux at Middle Tennessee State University where she graduated in Art Education with a Bachelor of Science degree. She had her first gallery exhibitions in both The Baldwin Photography Gallery and the MTSU Art Gallery. Her first published photography was in Baldwin’s Lightyear Annual of Photography.

After graduation, she began her career as a photojournalist at The Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was during this time that she cemented her love of photography. While working as a photojournalist, she continued to pursue a career in fine art. Relocating to Los Angeles she worked in editorial and advertising photography, established her own studio and continued to exhibit her photographs.

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E.K. Waller